Next to our hotel:
  • Swimming Pool (350m) – it is in the Public Sport House, reopened in 2015. Opened from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. form Monday to Friday. (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.) In the summer there is also an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Bowling (350m) – located in the Public Sport House
  • Cinema – “Millenium” cinema in Mościce Art Centre. There are two screening rooms.
  • Gym in the open air (350m) – Next to the Mościce Art Centre.
  • Play ground (350m) – Next to the Mościce Art Centre.
  • Footpaths where one can also jog – the area surrounding the hotel is a good and safe place to do excercises. Close proximity of two police stations (250m and 500m from the hotel) makes Mościce a very calm and safe neighborhood.
  • Speedway Stadium, athletics (400m) – Complex of Stadiums
  • Spartshall (50m). Multifunctional Sports Hall The place of concerts, fairs, sports events. There is a skating rink next to it – it’s opened in winter and Tennis courts – to make a booking call: 14 656 36 76
  • Mościce a unique architectural premise – ” Garden District ” – It was established in twenty’s of the last century as housing facilities for Fertilizers Factory workers. Very interesting architectural assumption of houses for officers (the so-called ” Dyrektorówka ” – houses with gardens) and for employees (multi-family buildings). A detailed plan with suggested walk area available at the reception (leaflet).
  • Wilhelm Sasnal Sculpture – (900 m). Sculpture which is a monument to what could have happaned and never did (captures a state of war in 1992). Wilhelm Sasnal – known artist, painter, filmmaker coming from Mościce.
Near Tarnow (a few minutes away by car / taxi / bus)
  • Manor House in Zgłobice (6 km) – It’s a historic boutique hotel with an elegant restaurant located in a beautiful park. It’s a place where one can rest and relax in luxury. Adress: 6 Krótka Street ( entrance from 10 Zgłobicka Street), ZIP 33-113, town: Zgłobice
  • Market and Old Town – (5 km) – City – The Pearl of the Renaissance. We recommend to see the market, walk the streets, see the wooden church of Our Lady of the Scapular (on „Burek“)
  • The Cathedral (5,5 km) – The Cathedral – Basilica Minor, the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is famous for Renaissance tombstones including the largest in Europe. Address: 2 Kapitulna Street (pl.Cathedral)
  • Tarnów Museum (5,5 km) – located in the Market Square in the oldest building, and Renaissance Town Hall with great collections. Address: Market 20-21, phone no. Tel. 14 621 21 49
  • Diocesan Museum (5,5 km) from valuable collections of sacred art (sculptures, textiles, painting) and painting on glass. Located in an old house next to the Cathedral. Address: 6 Square Cathedral, phone no. 14 621 99 93
  • Ethnographic Museum – (5 km) Located in a historic mansion with a collection of Gypsy waggons and Romany culture. Address: ul. Krakowska 10, phone no. 14 622-06-25,
  • Tarnow Theatre (5 km) -known place on the cultural map of Poland. It is famous for the “Talia” comedy festival Address: 4 Mickiewicza Street, phone no. 14 688 32 87
  • Jewish Culture Heritage (6 km) – scattered around the market (neighborhood streets in Jewish district), and a residue of the old synagogue (Bima), mikvah and the Jewish Cemetery.
A little longer trips:
  • Dabrowa Tarnowska – Synagogue (25 km) well preserved nineteenth century Synagogue. Currently, Cultures Meeting Centre. Address: street Berka Joselewicza 6, 33-200 Dabrowa Tarnowska, phone no. 14 657 00 09. On this tour we recomend visiting the restaurant in our four-star Hotel in Dabrowa Tarnowska (Excellent cuisine). About 1 km away!
  • Zalipie – “Painted village” (43 km) The village is famous for its beautifully painted in floral motifs houses. The tradition survived even among current residents (annual competitions ). Address: „Dom Malarek“ in Zalipie, 33-263 Zalipie 128 A, phone no. 14 641 19 38. In the course of this trips we recommend visiting the restaurant in our four-star Hotel in Dabrowa Tarnowska (excellent cuisine). A distance of about 14 km !
To the South:
  • Paderewski Centre – Kąśna Dolna (40km). A I.J. Paderewski’s Manor house. Currently it is a museum where musical events take place. Address: Kąśna Dolna 17, 33-190 Ciężkowice, phone number 14 621 09 21. We recommend visiting our restaurant in Presidential Manor House in Zgłobice during this trip.
  • Fossilized Town“ – Ciężkowice (36km). A nature reserve of extremely interesting rock formations. Address: Ciężkowice, by provincial road 977. We recommend visiting our restaurant in Presidential Manor House in Zgłobice during this trip.
To the West:
  • Castle in Dębno (19km) a fortified castle, rebuild in Renaissance. Currently it is a department of Museum in Tarnów. Address: Dębno 189, 32-852 Dębno, phone number 14 655 80 35
  • Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz (45km). An early baroque, fortified castle owned by Kmita and Lubomirski family. Address: 32-720 Nowy Wiśnicz phone number 14 61 285 89
  • Salt Mine in Bochnia (42km) Complex placed on the UNESCO culture legacy list. The history of the output dates back to XIII century. Address: 15, Campi Street, 32-700 Bochnia, phone numer 14 615 24 60
  • Salt mine in Wieliczka (77km)
  • Cracow (80km)